Sunday, January 12, 2014

Five Great Science Fiction DVD or Blu-Ray Sets for Every Geek

Entertainment is usually at the core of geek culture.  Whether watching “The Big Bang Theory” and marveling at Sheldon’s shirt collection, playing a video game, or checking out some tech device the activities have their roots in entertainment.  With that in mind, there are few boxed DVD or Blu-ray sets that should make an appearance in every good geek’s collection of personal viewing greatness.  OF course, a few of these are available via Netflix, Hulu, and more so there is a good chance they are already technically “owned,” which means you need to start watching.  Still, here’s a look:

Yep, everything from Episode I to Episode VI is represented here in high-definition Blu-Ray greatness.  Audio commentary from George Lucas and a number of other extras make this a nice addition for anyone wanting to know about Hoth, Ewoks, and the history of the clash between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

While there are a few versions of this series bouncing around, getting a solid foothold on the universe that Joss Whedon brings to life with the help of Sarah Michelle Gellar and a stellar cast of characters.  This 39-disc collection will give you something to binge watch for a few weeks.

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Get caught up on the decade long run on a series that follows the development of young Clark Kent finding his way in a complicated world.  This is a massive 62-disc set that provides every episode of the hit series, and lets viewers revel in the interesting characters that popped up around Clark even in the beginning.  Oh, and keep an eye out for familiar faces and names from the DC Universe.

Clearly the most economical series available on this list, because of the much talked about cancelation this series received resulted in less than a full standard season of television.  Still, if you want to check out what launched the Serenity and the catch up on the early escapades of Malcolm Reynolds, this is the series to own.

Still need more, eh?  How about a 21-Blu-ray disc collection that follows the survivors of an attack on their planet as they attempt to evade an artificial intelligence and locate the mysterious planet called Earth?  Battlestar Galactica is easily one of the best sci-fi shows to hit television, ever, and is set off by some of the best performances the genre has seen.  This one is a must own.

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