Monday, January 6, 2014

Internet Connected Toothbrush Making Debut at 2014 CES

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In case nobody noticed, there is a lot of technology floating around houses throughout the globe, but one room in the house that seemed protected from the influx of gadgets was the bathroom.  However, an Internet connected toothbrush is set to make a debut at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

According to Relaxnews, a French company named Kolibree unveiled the world’s first Internet connected toothbrush at a preview event.  With the aid of sensors and a smartphone app, the toothbrush analyzes brushing patterns to determine how well the user is brushing. 

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The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the unit be sold for $110 later this year, and Kolibree is expecting to make the product available on Kickstarter initially.  In addition, this piece of personal tech will be available for third-party developers to invent different apps, but it is a little unclear as to what more can be asked of the trusty old toothbrush.

While inspiring improved dental hygiene is an admirable goal, CES regularly features products that make everybody take a second look.  A hundred dollar toothbrush seems like a tough sell to me, but who knows where the technology will lead, because another company unveiled $185 smartsocks that will analyze footfalls, patterns, and stride length.  Just when you thought you’d seen everything eh?

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