Friday, January 10, 2014

Nintendo & Wii U Have the Ingredients for a Good Year

A lot is getting made out of the lousy sales the NintendoWii U has gotten despite the machines one year head start over other next generation consoles.  There is little doubt that the legendary video game maker blew it when it comes to the launch and the 12-month period that followed.  Blame it on marketing confusion, hardware confusion, anything you want, but the forgotten console could still salvage some sales with the right mix of games—luckily the company is answering the bell.

With a great stable of games already that include notable platformers, New Super Mario Bros Wii U, Super Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World, and even Nintendoland, the company is set to build on that success with a few bankable titles in 2014.

Hyrule Warriors is not the Zelda game that fans have been waiting for, but it might do in the short-term, and Mario Kart 8 will put players in the driver’s seat yet again with some of Nintendo’s most popular stars.  Of course, the updated SuperSmash Bros will also be something to behold as the crazy fighting game gets a makeover for the Wii U.

While three games do not necessarily translate into millions of consoles moved, what they do is get people talking about the machine—again.  It seems that Nintendo is abandoning the position of making the latest console the center of attention in the living room, which is a good thing because there are questions as to how it stacks up to the competitors (or even the last generation of consoles).  However, the new system has an attractive price, cool games, and previous Wii owners do not have to run out and purchase new controllers (the old WiiMotes work with the Wii U).

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All things considered, Nintendo might not have enough steam to get to the top of the video game mountain, but the company certainly has enough clout to stay relevant.  Toss in a couple of surprise titles that people want to play, and all bets are off (a new Zelda game perhaps?).  All the doom and gloom surrounding the console is pretty well documented, and maybe a little optimism can help get things moving in the right direction.  It looks like the company is doing the right things, at least for now.

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