Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So is Bigfoot Real?

Let me open this by saying, “I’m on the fence with the existence of bigfoot.”  It’s not that there have not been enough sightings, it’s more like there is not enough concrete evidence that the creature exists.  While myths surrounding the beast circulate in cultures throughout the world, including different versions of the same monster like the yeti and more, simple legends and word of mouth is really just not enough.  Still, I can't say I would be shocked if somebody managed to prove the creature existed.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, one bigfoot hunter has claimed to have shot and killed one of the hard to find beasts by nailing pork ribs to a tree and then shooting the sasquatch (hard to imagine nobody came up with that until last year).  Of course, another animal allegedly attacked the camera man filming the event.  Right there, the whole cameraman issue makes me lean a little bit more toward publicity stunt than anything else.

No surprisingly, the man who lays claim to having killed bigfoot, Rick Dyer, has come under scrutiny for his claims, according to Yahoo TV.  Experts on the matter are concerned that Dyer killed the beast and had it stuffed rather than preserve the slain animal for science.  Either way, Dyer plans to take the stuffed version around on a tour to help promote his movie.  The interesting question for me is if it isn’t a stuffed sasquatch, exactly what is it?  Oh, plus Dyer was involved in a bigfoot hoax way back in 2008.  All of a sudden those claims don’t look iron clad (if they ever did).

So while it would be great if something new was discovered in the great world of ours, I am still more likely to believe a report that a new species was discovered near the bottom of the ocean than in the woods of Texas, Washington, or Alaska.  Bigfoot could exist sure, and every so often a new claim that gets debunked over a period of time creeps up and proves to be false.

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There could be some unknown things out there, but staying hidden forever seems like a longshot.  Especially with so many people jaunting around the woods and forests looking for things.  Plus, if you wanted to prove bigfoot exists why would you shoot one then get it stuffed right away?

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