Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas & Decorations $10 and Less

With the big game fast approaching after NFL Championship weekend, gathering up a quick list of Super Bowl Party decorations and accessories is a great idea if you are hosting a get together of fans and friends.  Food, drink, and snacks will be pretty plentiful, but making your location look like a football haven can be 

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In short, too many Super Bowl Party decorations and accessories is just as bad as not enough, which means finding a happy and subtle middle ground can be difficult but not necessarily impossible task.  Plus, finding items that are not brandished with the current roman numeral means they can be repurposed throughout the year at other big games or saved until next year.  Here’s a look at a quick list of ideas, many of which are under $10 each:

Let your table represent the field with this handy cover, and with a 54-inch by 108-inch dimensions this guy lets your table stay crumb free for that buffet.

This synthetic plastic runner can lead into your game day location or highlight the path to the bathroom, complete with double stick tape for easy installation this is one that everyone will notice. You get ten feet of it so use it in multiple areas

Hey you need plates for foot right?  Why not decorate with some football themed ones?  This is one area, because of their perishable nature, that reusing and repurposing is not really an issue.

These swirling hanging decorations can set the mood for any group viewing party, just be sure not to hang them in the way of any potential viewing spots in the room.

Pin the tail on the donkey is so 1990s, now with a pin the ball between the goal posts game everybody can take their shot at the game winning kick.  They just won’t be kicking, they will be blind folded and simply have to put a ball nearest the target.

Everyone who approaches this bad boy will talk about it and the kids will be trying to use it, but an inflatable goal post surrounded by a cooler is a clever idea.  Best of all, this thing can be used over and over again.  This one costs a bit more but it is worth it for the effect.

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