Friday, January 17, 2014

You Can Build an Effective Home Gym Starter Equipment for under $500

Gym memberships are expensive right?  Well, that depends on your level of involvement with that organization and the level of dedication you have to working out.  Of course, home gyms can eliminate the spending of monthly fees and can even inspire a little more commitment, because the investment is literally sitting around your house.  Home fitness equipment is expensive though, right?  Well, what if there was a way to put together a nice starter home fitness center for under $500?  Take a look:

For under $400 the biggest piece of equipment in your workout area is going to be some sort of cardio machine, and the ProForma 6.0RT features 8-preprogrammed workouts and a comfortable stride length.  Quiet and sturdy this machine offers everything a beginner could want in a bargain priced treadmill.

The free weight options in this area a little more of a challenge, but there is KettleBell Set option that includes: 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounders for $65.  Granted, shipping on this one is a bit high, but for this kind of weight what would you expect.  Still, going with Kettle Bells offers a whole new set of workout options.
In addition, for around $50 an exercise mat and exercise ball can be picked up, which completes the area quite nicely.  Not only does the $500 investment not require a huge physical footprint, but it also offers a number of workout options.  The Kettle Bells, mat, and exercise ball can really focus on the core and strength training, and the treadmill is a great option for cardio fitness. 

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The bottom line is that home gyms cost a lot of money, but spending wisely on a low budget can yield exactly the kinds of results that everyone is looking for.  Even for as little as $500, enough equipment can be fit into a relatively small room that can provide the perfect home fitness equipment options that every is looking to take advantage of.  In addition, making additions to the area over time can help increase options, which keeps you interested, and as your fitness evolves so too can your home gym.  

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