Monday, February 3, 2014

Cheap & Inexpensive Valentine's Gift Ideas that Won't Kill a Relationship

Coming up with cheap Valentine’s Gift Ideas that don’t look like you skimped on the budget can be a daunting task.  Of course, the presents for the special day are completely relatable to the stage of relationship you are in.  For example, a couple that has been married for years probably focuses less on the day in February than a couple that just met in December.  Still, the need to save a few bucks in the world of close to $4 a gallon gas, can challenge the romantic in everyone.  That being said here a few ideas to get you started:


In the world of smartphones and instant printing, putting together a modest photobook is usually not much of a challenge.  The point is that everybody has a ton of images on their phones and tablets, but seldom does anyone take the time to put those images to paper.  Coupled with a handful of inexpensive flowers, this can be the cheap Valentine’s gift that really seals the deal.


Everyone saves movie stubs, receipts, and other miscellaneous trinkets from their time shared together, and putting together a few pages to commemorate a relationship is a creative way to show just how much you care.  Better yet, leaving a few blank pages at the rear of the book for the future is another way to show how invested in the relationship you are.


The heartfelt note is the ultimate money saving gift.  Not just something scribbled on napkin from the club, but taking a few minutes to spell out how your significant other has impacted your life can really convey what can ultimately be complicated emotions.  So take some time with it, days if necessary, and draft something you would want somebody to say to you.  In the end, you might find out something about the relationship that neither of you knew.

So while saving some money can be a bit on the tricky side, taking some time and thinking a gift through can mean a whole lot more than a store bought card and $80 in flowers and candy.  It’s all about presentation, so remember to avoid the fact that you were looking to save some cash and mention how much it means to have somebody to hold close on the special day of the year for couples, because today you are both winners.

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