Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Turns Out Bubblews is Not a Scam

Everybody that follows along the freelance writing path to greatness and individual financial freedom knows that there are probably more websites that are a waste of time than there are websites that really payout.  Isn’t that why we are all here anyway?  Money, plain and simple.

I use a lot of different websites to produce a favorable bottom line.  Granted, I have not gotten filth rich from writing, but I have done well enough to take a few vacations over the past seven years.  The thing I learned is to diversify the sites you use.  The “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” thing really does ring true, because a site and the income associated with it can vanish literally overnight.

So when I found www.bubblews.com, I was skeptical.  Here was a site that lets you write about anything under the sun, follow a few simple rules, and allows you to cash out when you reach $50.  You get paid for page views, likes, and shares.  The catch is that instead of the usual 400 words or so that many freelance writers try make money from is only 400 characters on bubblews.  That’s not a lot of words at all (and it is one of their rules).  Pretty much anyone can come up with 400 letters in a few paragraphs.

The site makes most of the cash in house, which basically means that making “connections” and maintaining them is just as important as churning out content.  Think of it as a social network that pays and you are one step ahead of the plan.  A word of warning though, once your connections creep up to the 100 or more mark, you will see that many people are taking advantage of the up to ten posts each day rule.  That means 1000 posts, there are not too many people that are going to read every single one of those so move at your own pace.

One downside that I can see from other connections is the pay schedule.  You see if you violate one of the rules, you don’t necessarily get an email that instant or a few days later.  You have to wait your turn, which could be a while.  The short of it is pretty simple:  don’t violate any of the rules and you’ll be fine.
I’ll be honest.  I thought the site was a total scam.  Who pays for 400 character posts?  Well, after thirty days and 100 or so posts I got to the redemption level.  Three days later I had an echeck in my account, and three days later the check cleared.  In short, they paid me (I would rather have a straight up transfer but money is money), they paid me on time, and I can safely say that bubblews.com is not a scam.

BTW, one you have some connections and contacts under your belt, you will see your earnings grow a lot quicker than the first one.  That 30-day mark for $50 needs to come down to keep my interest, and it looks like with about 300 connections and the power of Twitter and Facebook I can get back to $50 in about three weeks.  In short, I can write a few things each day, check in with the people I follow, and get a little bit of pocket money.

If you want to give the site a try here is the link:  Keep bubbling!!


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