Friday, February 14, 2014

So Who You'd Like to See as John Constantine

With the casting up and running for the television show based on Constantine, the John Constantine fanboys and fangirls have been submitting their wish lists on who should play the character.  Not that I really have a preference, because there are many great actors that I would love to see take a stab at the role.

I’ve heard all the tidbits about whether it should be a blond guy or a British guy or a blond British guy, but I am willing to let what I have seen of the character (from Swamp Thing 37 until now BTW) lapse a little bit to deliver a great show.

That being said, here is my list of top five actors I would love to see as Constantine.  Granted if the series goes with the older “Hellblazer” version or the “Justice League Dark” version in the New 52, the list could change quite a bit.  Still, here’s what I would like to see:

James Marsters

Ever since the Buffy days as Spike I always thought James Marsters was an incredible character, and really how different from John Constantine is Spike?  Aside from the whole vampire thing?  He can sport the trench coat and smoke cigarettes with the best of them and bringing attitude doesn’t seem like a big problem.

James Callis

Yep, bring Gaius Baltar back in a role that lets him really let loose.  The final scenes of “Battlestar Galactica” were confirmation that Callis doesn’t have to play a neurotic guy at all, and I would love for him to take a crack as the head of Justice League Dark.

Double Inks

Callum Blue

Ever since he popped up on “Smallville” as Zod I wondered if fans would get a chance to see Callum Blue again, and this is a great chance.  He fits the bill as far as I’m concerned, and I would be thankful if the producers gave him a fair shot.

Simon Baker

Yeah, I know he’s Australian, but his character on “The Mentalist” is pretty much a non-magical and smoke free version of Constantine.  He might be a little too pretty for John as well, but I think if something happened over on CBS he could make a great transition.

Jonny Lee Miller

Yep, another guy with a lucrative job still.  I believe that the new television pilot (hopefully series) will be staged similarly to how “Elementary” plays out, but Jonny Lee Miller is superb as Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century, and I like to imagine that “Hellblazer” would look something like that.

Like I said before, bottom line for me is not really how the character looks and talks, I just want a great TV show with compelling storylines.  This wishlist is not even all-encompassing, but gifted actors with a knack for playing this particular character are going to be hard to come by.  Constantine is a bit edgy for network television, so I’m not getting my hopes up, but if they deliver I will be extremely happy.

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