Thursday, February 13, 2014

Star Wars 'Clone Wars' Returning on Netflix

If you are a “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” fan, you have probably been having an issue with how the series ended its run on the Cartoon Network.  However, now it seems that fans will be getting their answers, thanks to Netflix.

The popular animated series will be returning for a sixth and final season on March 7 on the video streaming giant, and of course, all the other episodes will be available as well including the movie that kicked the whole thing off, according to Variety.

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That’s right, Ahsoka fans, now the fate of the girl who left the Jedi will finally be revealed, at least maybe.  According to USA Today, the series will deal with a few unanswered questions during Season 6 over a 13-episode run, which most of us will watch in one night.

Clone Wars on Netflix becomes a reality thanks to Disney buying the franchise and making a huge licensing deal with the streaming giant, and what was really an interesting move then is becoming a fan hit almost instantly.  There is currently a lot of Disney content on the video streaming site, and that looks to only grow once the first run deal starts in 2016.

At least for now the Force is strong with Netflix..

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