Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Best Place to Buy K Cups Online

If you are a Keurig owner, chances are you have been looking for the best place to buy K Cups, because those brilliant machines are pretty useless without them.  I have looked far and wide.  I’ve used coupons, been to wholesale warehouse stores (Costco and Sam’s), office supply stores, retail store, super markets, and several online retailers.  In short, I spent a lot of time seeking out the biggest deal.  As it turns out, I never had to leave the house.

I looked for the best coffee at the best price, I found my favorite, Donut Shop.  The store brands, like Costco, simple just didn’t do it for me.  I found lacking in flavor and if you made a large, they were even worse.  Then I priced it out over several sellers, and I found that Amazon had the best per cup price around, which made them the best place to buy K Cups.

The 96 count Donut Shop K Cup comes in at a mere $53.53 (at least right now) which comes in at 55-cents per cup, not too shabby at all.  Of course, picking up a K Cup sampler box that had 40-different types of coffee helped complete the, umm, research.

Of course, the reusable filters to use a scoop of normal (READ: Canned cheap coffee) is also something that I enjoy, plus the disposable filters are pretty cool too.  However, I was looking for best place to buy K Cups, and I found it on Amazon.  There were several online retailers that featured what I would call unfriendly shipping costs, and since I got free shipping without joining Prime, I found that my supply of Donut Shop coffee will last for a month. 

Double Inks

Those Keurigs are great, but they can get expensive to run if you are used to brewing one or two pots a day, and finding a cheap and likeable alternative is important to keep costs down.  The issue is that many cheap varieties taste cheap (at least to me) and many of the expensive (Starbucks) are just too pricey to brew four or five cups a day. 

Hey, math is your friend, and if there is a project I enjoy doing as much as anything else it is trying different types of coffee.  I mean, this was a fun time, and I found the best place to get a deal, and it turns out, I visited it every single day anyway.

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