Monday, March 3, 2014

Ellen Owns Star Studded 2014 Oscars

Well it’s the morning after for the 2014 Academy Awards and Oscar definitely was on full display last night.  Host Ellen DeGeneres certainly owned the night.  She managed to make me look at the celebrities on hand as real people, and all it took was a little pizza order (When Harrison Ford took a napkin from her I laughed hard).

In case you missed some of the highlights here is a look at the winners:

Of course, there were a number of great moments at the Oscars.  The crazy selfie that Ellen took with a number of celebrities is probably at the top of the list, Bette Midler made a splash after the “in memoriam” sequence, and John Travolta needs to take a few seconds to learn the name of the person he is introducing.  Here’s a look at some other great moments:

On a night when “Frozen” would win Best Animated Feature “Let it Go” would also go on to win best song.  Of course, Idina Menzel would perform a great version of the song.  However, since it was the favorite, Oscar producers must have elected to make it go last so I would imagine several kids missed the performance on a school night.  Still, the magic of YouTube isn’t letting anyone down.  Here’s a glimpse.

Still on a night dedicated to Hollywood, the glitz and glamour were on full display in the style of celebrities who made the annual trek to the show.  There were surprises, there were shocks, but most of all it was a good time.  Without putting too much emphasis on who won and who lost, the Oscars managed to give a lot of people some screen time with the viewers. 

Double Inks

In the end though, I think the big winner was Ellen, who took her job serious without putting too much time into being the host that everyone wanted her to be.  She took a tremendously difficult job (again) and brought the entire event to the next level.  In the end, the event was a success, even if “Iron Man 3” didn’t get nominated for Best Picture.

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