Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Top Five Most Watched YouTube Videos for the Week Ending 3/2/14

After taking a nearly one month absence on the blog waves here, my Top 5 YouTube Videos of the week is making a thunderous (or is it electrical??) return.  This weekend is Oscar Weekend, so there are a few things about movies to check out, but these five videos had me hitting replay:

Build new characters with hilarious results: LEGO® Mixels.

Rise of Electro

The more I see of “The Amazing Spider Man 2” the moreworried I get that the CGI is going to be overused by a factor of 10.  Still, Electro looks pretty good and the movie looks like it could be a worth sequel.  Old Web Head might be proud, still being a comic book nerd I am really hating falling in love with Gwen Stacy all over again, because I know what awaits her.

Test Drive 2 from Pepsi Max and Jeff Gordon

You know, those NASCAR guys can really drive a car.  This is one of the cooler things that has popped up in awhile, and definitely worth checking out.

Godzilla Official Trailer

Hard to believe that a movie named Godzilla has a trailer that features the famous radioactive lizard for about four seconds, and yet here it is.  This is another movie that has me wondering if it will be okay.  It looks epic, but trailers have fooled me before.

Heroes Reborn 2015

I’ll never really forgive NBC for what they did to the original “Heroes.”  Still, without the original cast I’m a bit stumped on why this is so interesting to me.  I do miss Sylar and Zachary Quinto, because that was just a brilliant role.  Still, this might be interesting..

10 Little Known Facts About the Oscars

With the Oscars coming fast and furious taking a minute or two to catch up some little trivia tidbits never really hurt anyone.  Me?  I’m watching for the clothes.  No seriously, I’ll be cheering for the great movies that never get nominated.  (Okay not NEVER, but rarely).

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