Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rediscovering 'Smallville' and Characters We Could Have Seen More Of

Reconnecting with “Smallville” after a few years is turning out to be more fun than I could have imagined.  Staring out with Season 1 Episode 1 and burning through as much as possible is like visiting with an old pal.  Seeing the characters age and nearly grow up before your eyes is also pretty cool, but catching glimpses of things to come is just as entertaining. 

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For example, the newspaper Lionel is reading the helicopter in Episode 1 “Pilot” has the headline about Queen Industries CEO vanishing, which would later lead to Oliver Queen and Green Arrow.  Okay, not exactly ground-shaking stuff, but a lot of geeky nerdy goodness.

Progressing through the series also gives you a way to see what characters you wished would have popped up more often, and there are more than a few faces that only saw “Smallville” once and more than a few that only came back twice or so.  That being said, here’s my list of characters I wish would have been explored a little bit more on the series:

Maybe it’s because I’m a Constantine fan, or maybe it’s because Serinda Swan played her so well, but the magic dynamic did not pop up as much as it could have on the series.  Zatanna brings a certain amount of power along for the ride, but not as much as some as the other folks that regularly popped up on the series.  I just wish fans could have seen a little bit more of her.

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You know the teleporting girl, right?  The one who dosed Clark with Red Kryptonite?  Ahh, it’s coming back huh?  I was in love with this character from the beginning, and Sarah Carter was excellent in the role.  I always thought Alicia had a certain effect on Clark, and it was interesting that she took such, umm, extreme lengths to get on his good side and impress him.  I’m not really sure she got a fair shake by the rest of the characters.

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The Flash has always been a bit of tricky character on television, and this year we will find out again with a new series in the pipe, but I thought that Kyle Gallner did what he could as Bart Allen.  He really embodied the character, and he popped up in several key episodes of the series, but never really managed to catch on as a series regular.  Personally, the Superman versus Flash races were some of the highlights of comic book history, and I always thought it would have been cool for the show to take it a bit further than the final seconds of an episode.

Ahh, Mxyzptlk played by Trent Ford as a lowly small town bookie only to take things to the next level.  Of course, partnering with Lex never really worked out for any of the characters on the show, and I wish viewers could have seen another episode with him at the center.  There is something truly terrifying about a character that can make things happen simply with the power of suggestion.

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So were there more characters over the years?  Of course there were, but “Smallville” managed to keep the core alive for several seasons, even Michael Rosenbaum returned for the series finale, but that is a few days of viewing away.’s always nice to rediscover the classics.

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