Sunday, March 16, 2014

Were Aliens Involved in Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

So were aliens involved in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?  Well, that’s just one of the many conspiracy theories being tossed around the good old Internet these days, according to  In fact, at least one person believes that a micro nuclear detonation created a black hole that led to the plane vanishing from the skies. 

So while we can apparently not rule any of these theories out, I would think it’s safe to say that many are a long shot as to having actually occurred and some are even longer than others.

Of course, the fact remains that a jet with more than 200 souls on board is missing, and finding it has grabbed the attention of 25 countries so far.  However, perhaps ruling where the plane isn’t and where it didn’t go is something of a start.  According to The Malaysian Insider, India believes there is zero chance Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew into or over it’s airspace, which rules out a pretty big area.

However, investigators are also taking a hard look at thepassengers of the plane, according to the Associated Press.  One of the pilots had a flight simulator at his home, two of the passengers had stolen passports, and maybe 20 of the passengers were employees of Freescale Semiconductor.  Whether any or all of that information is relevant to the disappearance of the flight remains to be seen, but the number of coincidences is growing pretty large.

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What is pretty concrete at this point is that if Flight MH370 was hijacked and it flew into busy airspace someone would have noticed, which means that the flight took methods to either avoid those regions or some sort of technical know-how.  With so much data coming late or in fragments from Malaysian authorities it is hard to know exactly where to search, and that has to be frustrating for families of the passengers and crew aboard and also for the folks doing the searching.

It seems weird that nobody on the plane managed to get outan email, text message, phone call, or something else if anything happened that did not immediately disable the plane and passengers.  Still, there are erratic flight patterns and more data that points to any number of possibilities.

In short, this is already THE story of 2014, and if aliens were somehow involved it will be the story of the century.  While millions are no doubt praying for the safe recovery of the passengers and crew, everyone involved is likely steeling themselves for bad news.  With any luck, it doesn't get any worse.  So is this a is a mystery or an evil act of men?  It remains to be seen.

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