Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Will Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Ever Be Found?

It’s actually getting to the point that I nearly expect to find out that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 actually did land schedule.  The sad and tragic story is continuing to unfold, and it seems like there is more than enough blame to go around.

Most recently is Thailand coming out with Radar data ten days after the plane went missing.  Why didn’t they hand it over sooner?  According to the Associated Press, it was because they were never asked.  Talk about the spirit of cooperation.  Still, the information that the Thai military shared wasn’t exactly ground breaking and wasn’t really all that more than officials involved in the search knew already.

Liquidation Channel

According to the AFP, the actual flight computer was tampered with and new coordinates were entered, and the plane actually flew through waypoints after the data was changed.  That means that whoever altered the computer and the course of the plane knew what they were doing.

That little tidbit of information is again nothing new, because if anything did happen to Malaysia Airlines 370, it was probably performed by a few individuals that didn’t draw the plan on the cocktail napkins at the airport lounge.

Of course, this would not be the first plane to vanish.  Sure there have been others, but nothing on this scale.  If anything, what is happening now should be interesting to anyone that steps foot onto a commercial airline.  Exactly who is watching what is going on?  Should anyone be monitoring the progress of every airplane?  Those questions aside if something unsavory did happen, there are even more questions.  And unfortunately, those answers are going to be just as hard o come by.

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