Monday, May 5, 2014

#2BillionStyle Psy is Close to an Amazing Mark

Maybe it’s time to change the lyrics to “Two Billion Style,” because K-Pop sensation Psy is getting ready to shatter the two billion view mark with his break out hit viral video “Gangnam Style.”  Yes, the song and video are old news, but it’s all about that mark that is eventually going to be broken.

In case you were wondering (and really who wasn’t) JustinBieber and “Baby” sit in second place with around 1.03 billion views.  Granted that total is no slouch by any circumstances, but considering it has very close to half of the Psy total at 1.9 billion (okay not quite half but you get the picture) it makes the accomplishment even that much more fabulous.

Since “Gangnam Style” clicks in at four minutes and thirteen seconds on YouTube, when it clicks past the two billion mark that will equate to the video playing for more than 15,220 YEARS.  At least, that’s what my math says, I rounded a lot BTW.

Anyone with any experience creating content for the Internet knows just how crazy those numbers are, and I stop to think what the guy makes off the advertising revenues for that one video along.  Still, the video was cool a few years ago and today it’s nice to watch it again and marvel at how addictive the song still is.

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