Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Arizona School Uses Duct Tape to Cover Senior Quotes

Every now and then a news story pops up that is so utterly senseless that I have to wonder what the world is coming to (okay that’s more of an everyday thing but we’ll continue anyway).  According to The Daily Caller, Sabino High School in Tucson, Arizona found that some of the quotes by seniors that appeared in the yearbook were offensive.

Hey, kids being kids is nothing really new, you know “Fight for your right!” so to speak, but apparently the yearbooks were already printed by the time the offensive quotes were found and the school tasked the yearbook staff with placing duct (not duck) tape over the quotes.

Liquidation Channel

Why? So if the curious readers want to see what the fuss was about, the page will tear and the quote is forever lost to history.  Interesting theory, but I’d be checking YouTube for ways to remove duct (not duck) tape without tearing a surface if I was the school administrators.

The craziness of the situation boils down to one small detail—how did the 1,300 student school print the yearbooks without proof checking the quotes?  I’d be interested to know how much money was spent on tape to conceal the offending remarks.  Just for fun though.  Next  year it could be a math problem for some of the kids:

If an average of 1-inch of tape was used to cover up 200 offending quotes in 1000 yearbooks, how much tape was used?—Now that would be clever.

I get that folks want to be politically correct these days and try to keep everyone happy, because it seems like you can’t say anything without offending someone and the brutal honest of an 18-or 19-year old would probably wrinkle a few noses these days, but come on this is a school.  Shouldn’t preparation and evaluation prior to execution be one of the core lessons?  I suppose the folks who made the decision to include the quotes will have some answering to do.

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