Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Should FIFA Suspend Luis Suarez?

I’ll say this much for Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, he manages to take a bite out of the headlines.  Okay, all cheap literary shots aside, the guy is one of the best soccer, or football or futbol if you prefer, players on the face of the Earth.  That much is clear, but his conduct is a little bit unbecoming.

Another biting incident is just one too many.  The part about Suarez avoiding a red card for his bite in the game against Italy resulting in the Italian loss is a bit heavy handed though.  It’s not like Italy put a ton of shots on goal against Uruguay, and I think the right team is moving on and the right team is going home.

Still, should FIFA do something about Suarez?  Or is this more of a heat of the moment incident that pops up when the weather is hot and there is a lot of pressure on the players involved in the matches?  Well, having never played in a World Cup match, (read: sarcasm), I can’t answer that.  In this video it sure looks like he bites the Italian defender on purpose:

What I do know is that if I was to bite someone where I work there would be hell to pay, and if I bit three different people on three different occasions I would likely be looking for employment somewhere else and likely submitting to a ton of psychological testing.

So should FIFA suspend Luis Suarez?  Unfortunately, I think the discipline committee has little choice, which is unfortunate for Uruguay.   The guy is a dynamic player that changes the course of a game (ask England), and his presence will be missed by his team and his country.  The only reason he escaped seeing a red card was because the referee did not see the bite.  Ironically though, the teeth marks he left were not evidence enough.

Yes, Suarez is probably facing a ban, and it will probably be rather lengthy.  Did he bite on purpose or was it an accident?  Only he has the answer to that, but FIFA has the final ruling.

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