Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sony & FIFA Give Yellow Card to Beats at 2014 World Cup

Well, Sony and FIFA have collectively issued a yellow card to Beats audio.  While the up and coming (okay more likely established since Apple bought it for $3 billion) Beats has been seen on the sidelines at several cups at the FIFA 2014 World Cup, since the company is not an official sponsor players are not permitted to wear their headphones in the stadium or at official media events, according to Reuters.

Funny, because this YouTube commercial is awesome and has been watched by millions of people:

In comparison, the Sony commercial was released in December and has managed almost 300K views and lacks the familiar faces of their rivals:

The official sponsor of the 2014 World Cup, that would be Sony, apparently sent free headphones to every player participating in the tournament, and yet Beats are still apparently the preferred audio apparel of several high-profile players.  Whether that is because the newer company has better products or because the players have been paid to endorse them is pretty unclear, but the interesting thing is that Sony and FIFA have really given the rivals a step up.

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My acknowledging and banning Beats at World Cup venues, the pair have made sure that everyone watching the tournament, managing text search alerts, and more have seen the name of the company now, and Apple and Beats did not even have to pay for this kind of publicity.  Not a savvy move for sure, but FIFA has a lot of bigger challenges coming its way.

In addition, it goes a long way that players were given free pairs of headphones from a certain company and still elected to wear another brand.  Perhaps guidelines could have been clearer before the tournament began?

The winner of this round?  Beats gets a free kick right outside the box, and it looks like this one is a GOOOOOOOAL!

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