Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Ryobi ZRP542 Cordless Chainsaw Reviews with Nice Performance & Great Value

One task that I am grateful that I do not have to do every single day is take a tree down.  I didn’t own the tools for it, and I did not want to spend $200 or $300 on a chainsaw to use for a few weeks.  Renting one was a possibility, but so many things can happen with a gas powered tool I was hesitant to spend the cash (again a two week rental was pretty much the price of a new saw anyway).

When I found out about the Ryobi ZRP542 ONEplus 18v 10 inchChainsaw, I was intrigued because I had already purchased a few of the ONEplus tools and had several of the lithium-ion batteries.  Like any new tool I was eager and apprehensive.  A battery powered chainsaw?  I didn’t expect a whole lot, but for around $100 I was will to take a chance.

The tree I took down was a 50+year old Silver Maple, the trunk was about two and half feet in diameter and several limbs were of the large and twisty variety.  Because of the location of the tree to my neighbors houses, I elected to have the professionals drop it and I would do the clean up work.  Getting rid of the wood was not a problem, but getting it and the brush into manageable sizes was the bulk of the work.

The Ryobi ZRP542 Cordless Chainsaw was well worth the price and investment for this job.  The oil reservoir needed filled after making cuts with the saw in any position other than straight up and down, which was really not that often.  The tool performed perfectly on branches in the under 8-inch area, but I managed to get through some much bigger stuff by rolling it around.  Granted not the safest use of the equipment but it seemed to work out pretty well.

The bottom line is that this is an impressive saw, and instead of having to fuel up with gasoline I was able to alternate through 18v batteries.  Smaller branches were no trouble and even four or five inch limbs were easy prey for this machine.  After this project the chain needs sharpened, but that’s true of just about any chainsaw.
The trick is that I was already invested in the Ryobi ONEplus system of tools, which made the justification of a $100 chainsaw for a single project (and no doubt other trimming projects) a simple gesture.  It worked great and saved a ton of work with an axe, lopper, handsaw, or the old break it over your knee technique.  For the price this is a great tool that delivers results.

The opposite end is that if this is the only tool in your arsenal that fits the ONEplus system, I would probably pass, because the cutting ability is limited to the battery supply, and while they charge fast, with only a single battery included in the kit, it is probably only going to frustrate an owner.  I will say that so far, I am satisfied with the Ryobi tools in this line.

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