Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Use Bing Rewards to Get Free Hulu Plus or Xbox Live & More

Everybody is looking to cut costs, and unfortunately entertainment is usually one of the first areas to suffer the axe.  While nobody gets something for nothing, with a little bit of legwork anyone can learn how to get a free Xbox Live or Hulu Plus subscription.

Well that scenario is very plausible, thanks to Microsoft and Bing Rewards.  With a quick sign up, anyone can be on their way to earning credits for searches done on Bing.  The kicker is that points are awarded for mobile searches and for searches done with a computer.  Ten credits can be earned for searching on the tablet or phone, and fifteen credits can be earned by searching on a PC.  That equals out to 750 points a month.

Currently, members can reach “Gold” status by completing a few tasks (note a sign up is required) and receive discounts on the number or prizes.  Since a 1-Months Hulu Plus Subscription requires 470 (450 Gold) points, it can easily be reached in a one month period.  In addition, there are any number of gift cards for places like IHOP, Amazon, and even Domino’s Pizza.

Folks might scoff at Bing as a traditional search engine, but Microsoft is dealing out some nice rewards just for using their service.  As with anything though there are some caveats, because it takes two searches to earn one credit via mobile or PC.  That means 20 mobile searches and 30 PC searches a day.  Really, how fast can anyone get that done and redeem a nice prize.

Microsoft has a vested interest in keeping users tuned in to the online services on its very own gaming platform.  Granted, a paid subscription is no longer needed to stream video it is only good for gaming, but free of charge doesn’t happen too often.  It might take a month long head start, but it is possible to accomplish the goal of saving money without having to cut back on the entertainment.  Once a few months have passed, even enjoy a hot pizza on Microsoft.

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