Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Top 5 YouTube Videos for the Week

These days we have become more a visual society than ever before, and with the help of video sharing sites things have become even more visual based.  So when I put together my most watched YouTube videos for the week ending July 5, 2014, I was a little surprised at what had me hitting replay time after time.  Check it out:

Lie Witness News

If you are a United States soccer fan than you know that Landon Donovan was not part of the team that recently exited the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.  However, true to form Jimmy Kimmel manages to prove that some folks just want to be on television.

Putting on Pants with No Hands

While I can’t imagine what would drive somebody to try this, here is it is all its glory.  Amazing?  Yes.  Does it belong on “That’s Incredible!” (showing my age) Yes.  However it is a perfect fit for YouTube.

News Bloopers June 2014

Hey, I love a good news blooper as much as anybody else, but I am constantly amazed at what transpires on networks across the United States and entire world as much as anybody else.  The creepy news anchor trying to keep his bikini clad colleague on the air is more awkward than ever.

“Let it Go” in 25 Languages Behind the Mic

Every parent has probably heard this song to the point of exhaustion, and hearing it in 25 languages is really cool and different, but seeing the women that are actually putting all those words into song is interesting and cool too.  I am amazed at how similar the song sounds in all those different languages and always fascinated by just how much talent is out there in the world.

Verrukt POV at Schlitterbahn

What does it look like to ride a 168-foot water slide?  Well this POV camera with a few sandbags gives you the idea of the what the Verrukt (German for insane BTW) has in store for riders.  Good thing this is a sled ride or bathing suits would become uncomfortable rather quickly, if they stayed on at all.  Then they would have to change the name to—naked maker or wedgie machine or even pain maker.

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