Friday, July 18, 2014

So are You Going to Start Bubbling with Bubblews

Is there going to be a new social network war on the horizon?  Gone are the days of Facebook versus Google+, now there just might be a new sheriff in town. is trying to take the social media platform to the next level by paying those who post on the site.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

In an interview with Bloomberg, company founders Jason Zuccari and Arvind Dixit discuss the Bubblews platform and how the site shares a portion of advertising revenue with users.  Since users are the ones creating content, sharing a little bit of cash is probably not a bad idea.  In the interview the pair mentions that the site currently has about 200,000 users.

The site currently allows users to post ten updates per day, and users earn based on the number of views, likes, and comments the post receives.  There are a few rules for using the site, but they consist of pretty much what everyone would expect.  The thing is the bigger a network; the faster a user can get to the $50 payout window.

So can Bubblews take on Facebook?  While paying users for the content they put up is an interesting concept, the long-term viability of a site like this remains to be seen.  Still, I wouldn't expect Facebook to start paying users anytime soon.  Right now, Bubbling is new territory, and with the recent ending of Yahoo! Voices announced, there are a lot of writers looking for a place to share their ideas.

Can it last?  Only time will tell.

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