Sunday, August 17, 2014

Action Comics #1 in Rare Grade For Sale on eBay

Action Comics #1 is the first appearance of Superman published in 1938, and is a very very difficult comic book to find in any condition.  However, a CGC (independently certified version) of the comic is for sale on eBay in a like new condition coming in at a 9 (out of ten).  This is probably the only copy in the world at this grade level.

So far the bidding is closing in on a mere $2 million, and the auction still has seven days to go.  While that kind of comic is a bit out of my budget (by about $2 million), it's always fun to watch what the serious (read: rich) collectors are into buying.  Indeed, the top one-percent are still buying comics and top grades and high quality copies can bring serious amounts of money.

A nice option for collectors wanting to add this one to their collection is the reprint, which is selling for around $45:

It might not be the million dollar copy that everyone hopes to find in storage units and at garage sales across the United States, but it is also in the wheel house of collectors across the world.  Not everyone can spend millions on a collectible.  Still, it's fun to watch the auction progress.

Here's your update, about a day left in the auction and the comic is currently near the $2.2 million mark.  That's a great return on investment for a ten-cent comic.

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