Monday, August 25, 2014

Action Comics #1 First Appearance of Superman Sells for $3.2 Million

I know that if you had $3.2 million burning a whole in your pocket, the first thing you would do is purchase Action Comics number 1.  The first appearance of Superman has long been a rare and valuable comic book.  However, this particular version that recently sold on eBay is in pristine condition.  Thus the super high price tag.

In case you were wondering, this particular comic is now officially the most expensive comic book in the world for 3.2 million reasons.  While the comic was published way back in 1938, the ironic ten-cent original price is grounds for some talk about it also being the greatest turn around on a dime investment in history.

This is an important comic book because it introduced Superman to the population, and while the hero has not always been at the front of the popularity line, he can lay claim to having prices that are "Up, Up, and Away."

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