Monday, August 25, 2014

Could the 2014 Emmy Awards be Painted Orange or OITNB

I've never really gotten the Emmy Awards, at least when it comes to fan favorites.  I mean here is a place for television to showcase everything that it has to offer.  It has beautiful people on the red carpet, in the crowd, and pretty much everywhere.  In addition, the creative types are everywhere--being creative.  So with AMC ratings juggernaut "The Walking Dead" snubbed in the major categories (unforgivable IMHO), I'll be rooting for another underdog.

I've been addicted to binge watching the Netflix comedy "Orange is the New Black" since I first heard Yael Stone in the opening episode.  Sure the character of Morello is more stalker than hot girlfriend material, but there is just something irresistible about that voice.

Hey, I get it the Best Comedy category is packed with great shows.  "The Big Bang Theory," "Modern Family," and all the usual shows are here (I really don't get "Veep" but to each their own it's not a bad show), but OITNB represents a shift in television.

Yes, Netflix likely put the women in prison show in the comedy category to avoid going head to head with "House of Cards" in the drama section, but that's a brilliant decision.  The thing about OITNB is that anyone that watches an episode starts to get drawn in, and before  you know it, it's tomorrow morning and you are wondering what happened to the last twelve hours.

I'll be hoping that in prime time folks will be talking about the show.  Yes, the series has already won three Emmy Awards:  one for editing, one for casting (finally a cast that gets appreciated), and Uzo Aduba (you probably know her as Crazy Eyes) took home the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy prize.

Still, Netflix can set the world on fire and really paint the 2014 Emmys a different color, because "Orange is the New Black" and maybe just maybe the color of victory.

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