Sunday, August 24, 2014

Need a Present for a Star Wars Fan? How About the Darth Vader Apron

There are a lot of cool Star Wars gift ideas out there in the world.  However, if you have a fan of the film franchise that loves to cook, this Darth Vader Apron is the perfect addition to any kitchen.  While I don't know anyone that has a Sith themed food preparation area (and that's saying something with the people I know) this thing lets the power of the Dark Side of the Force shine through.

What's that?  Your fan is not a fan of Darth Vader?  What about that bounty hunter with limited screen time?  That's right, there is a Boba Fett version as well.

In fact there is also a C3P0, Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot, and Princess Leia version of this apron ready for ordering.  For around $15, they make nice gift ideas and can really serve as a conversation piece.  I mean, how many times have you seen anyone cooking dressed up as a Star Wars character?

I think these are great, and they could even serve as a poor costume.  I wonder if someone would cosplay a Boba Fett one over top of their awesome Darth Vader armor, now that would be cool!

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