Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nicki Minaj Tops Michael Jackson as "King of Pop", No Seriously

Before you hit WTF mode about the headline, the specifics of what constitutes a “hit” song need to be addressed, and apparently those qualifications have changed over the past few years.  The general fact is that Nicki Minaj has replaced Michael Jackson as the artist with the most BillboardHot 100 songs, according to Digital Spy.

If that seems a bit ridiculous to you, it should because the record seems to be a bit more plausible with the recent trends in music.  According to Chart Watch, Minaj accomplished the feat thanks in part to all those featured credits she racks up, and since MJ shied away from the practice over his career, his totals lack a certain amount of fluff.

This is all just jargon to clarify Jackson has been the lead or co-lead on just about every of the 50 hits he has placed on the chart, and while Minaj has 51 (Anaconda debuted at #19 and was her 51st Hot 100 entry), she has been the lead or co-lead on less than half of them.

Again though, Minaj is a gifted artist with some tremendous, err, appeal, but being mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jackson should be the equivalent of nearly walking on water (at least when it comes to music).  MJ is still the defining stick by which all Pop artists will be measured.

Still though, records are made to be broken, and in the digital music age just about anything seems possible in terms of chart appearances and downloads.  Hard to say where this road is going.

However, you have to wonder if Jackson were still alive, would he have started to make the rounds as a “featuring” artist?  I mean, if this keeps up, Pitbull is going to be the King of Pop in no time.

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