Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So Daryl Dixon Could be Gay on Walking Dead

I've never been one for stunts on television.  While I don't think "The Walking Dead" making Daryl Dixon gay would be a stunt, I do think it would be an effort to get more people talking about the show.  The thing is, how much does anybody know about Daryl anyway?

According to TV Line, Scott M. Gimple has said that Daryl's sexuality won't be addressed in Season 5, apparently everybody is busy trying to not be eaten by other humans and walkers.  You know, it must be hard to be sexy running for your life.  However, the executive producer did say that a gay male character is on the way, and that should be interesting enough.

Going back to Daryl though, he kind of epitomizes the whole Walking Dead character list.  Unless the show spent some time digging into the back story, and it hasn't on several characters, everyone has been pretty busy staying alive to really interact with each other.  The guy was warming up to Beth and that isn't going so well, and the relationship with Carol kind of went astray too.  It's easy to see why building relationships is kind of tough in a post-apocalyptic (probably one of the most spell checked terms on the web BTW) world.

As far as Daryl being gay, I don't really think it matters much in the overall view of the show.  The group has always been a thrown-together-strength-in-numbers kind of thing, and simple math would suggest that there would be a variety of people around.  It just makes sense.

I like Daryl because of what has been learned about him so far and for the stand out Emmy-worthy performance Norman Reedus puts in every week (shame on you Emmy voters).  Learning more about him would only endear him further to the legions of fans that sport all those great t-shirts.  I like Michonne, Rick, The Governor, and most of the characters that have been on the show at one point or another (I always hated Shane though).

Bottom line, "The Walking Dead" is the sum of it's parts, and as long as the quality stays where it is, I'm not liable to change the DVR settings anytime soon.

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