Thursday, September 11, 2014

Has Spider-Man Lost His Appeal?

The Amazing Spider-Man has been through quite a few transformations over the years, and while much of the hoopla surrounding the character has been for the lackluster movie that wrapped up a promising trilogy, there are many that consider the latest movie featuring the wall crawling hero something of a disappointment.

According to Box Office Mojo, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" which debuted this year collected $202 million at the box office domestically and more than a half billion globally.  Seriously, if that's a failure sign me up any day.  Of course, the estimated budget for the film isn't listed on the site, but I doubt anyone spent a half billion on it.

However, all of that green stuff aside, it looks like Spidey will be taking a back seat for the next few movies in his universe with a Sinister Six and Venom movie next up.  It won't be until 2018, according to Screen Rant, when viewers will get another look at Spider-Man (okay he will probably appear in the other movies but his exact impact is unknown).

With "Guardians of the Galaxy," "The Avengers," and The X-Men franchises, raking in some pretty impressive box office numbers, Spider-Man is losing out just a little bit.  I had a few people complain about the "fake" look of Amazing 2 with all the CGI, but when I pointed out that two of the characters from Guardians were completely CGI there was some silence.  The simple solution is that there is CGI good and CGI bad, if you've seen both movies you know which is which (cough cough Spidey bad).

All that aside, Spider-Man, as a character, is a lot different from the other Marvel and comic book characters out there.  The guys got issues and responsibilities, because he's not a billionaire, a god, or really anything else.  I wonder if Spider-Man isn't losing his appeal because of his good nature or if the movies have really harmed the character.  I suppose I'll wait until the Sinister movie comes out, and Sony owes us a better version of Venom (with no dancing scene).

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