Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ketchup Banned from Florida Restaurant

Whenever I read about a chef banning certain items during a dining experience, my mind really jumps to conclusions like “publicity stunt” or “looking for free advertising.”  So when I saw a Fox News report about a restaurant in Florida that refuses ketchup, catsup, or however you want to spell it, to diners over the age of ten, I really thought the same thing.

Firstly, if you order and pay for a meal, I think you are entitled to ask for ketchup or any condiment if the food needs that little kick for your personal taste.  The same goes for cooking a steak a certain way, and other dining obligations.  However, I also think that folks should give the food presented a little taste before dumping the sweet red concoction over top of it.

The restaurant in question, Mad Fresh Bistro, has a ban right on its web page, and according to the Fox report it has banned ketchup in some form since 2012.  So why is this making headlines now?  Um, tha would be us, the digital media and news networks.  A glance at the menu at Mad Fresh Bistro reveals some great looking foods that probably would not require condiments.  I think it’s a touch ironic that the establishment also bans salt from the table, but nobody is raising any flags about that.

So the great debate rages on.  And while I do think diners are entitled to eat their food how they want it, the restaurant is not under any obligation to provide ketchup either.  Why not just order take out and use your own ketchup?

Like a report on the Independent states, the chef and his team know what they are doing, so give the food a try without resorting to ketchup.  It’s basically asking food lovers to be brave and trust the cooks, and really why not give it a try?  It might be the best burger you ever had, and you might never want to go back again.  Either way, it’s just a condiment right? And seriously why 10-years old, why not eleven or thirteen?  Are you an adult at ten?

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