Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should Restaurants Post Photos of Tips Good or Bad?

LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles was outed for leaving twenty-cent tip on a sixty plus dollar check at a restaurant by the establishment, according to Yahoo News,  Since clearly states that 15 to 20 percent of the bill is acceptable tipping behavior, we can clearly state that the tip was under the "normal level."  However, the photo of the receipt on the restaurant's Facebook page could be crossing the line.

Photos like this are pretty much one-sided conversations.  It's easy to say a millionaire athlete should have left more cash for the server involved in bringing them food and taking their order, but what the Internet does not know is the circumstances surrounding the tip.  Things like this often make waves in cyberspace, but they do require a bit of common sense.

McCoy probably knows that everyone has a camera and access to social media, and it's actually kind of comforting to know that someone in his public standing will not simply leave a $100 tip to keep his name out of the news if service was shoddy.  That's just it, though, the whole story hasn't come out.  And that's really a separate issue.

Restaurants should not get in the habit of posting photos of receipts, and servers shouldn't be into the practice either.  Even photos of receipts that offer shock value can backfire, like this one from Red Lobster earlier this year.

I also have a problem with tipping on a percentage of the bill.  I think that if I order a $7 hamburger and some chicken nuggets for the kids from a food place and the table next to me with the same number of people in the party order $15 entrees and the bills are $40 and $80, my tip will be roughly half of the other one.  Did the server do any less or more work for either table?  Maybe a bit but certainly not double or half.  I digress though.

It's bad practice to publish unauthorized photos of people's tips until both sides are heard, because there might just be a very good reason why the server got stiffed and there might not be.

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