Monday, September 1, 2014

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Highest Grossing Movie of 2014 -- So Far

When I first heard about a feature film featuring "Guardians of the Galaxy" I admit to being a little nervous for Marvel.  I mean, the character have never really been what you could call popular outside of comic circles, and even then those circles were much smaller than your Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, etc.  So I wasn't really expecting much.  Thankfully, I was very much mistaken.

Over the holiday weekend, the film collected more than $16 million becoming the top domestic grossing movie of 2014, according to IGN.  Better still, according to Box Office Mojo the intergalactic comedy/action romp has collected $547 million world wide.  A half billion dollars is pretty serious coin for a living tree and a talking raccoon (okay that's a lot of money for anyone).

Besides that the soundtrack to "Guardians of the Galaxy" made up of eclectic songs from a bygone era is still number two on the iTunes download chart and on Amazon.  Talk about a double threat, and once the DVD, Blu-ray, and digital sales are release (probably just in time for the holidays) this will be another Marvel triple crown.

Ask any comic book collector and these character were probably third tier at best, and now they have virtually vaulted into the stratosphere.  That's pretty impressive for sure, but I wonder how many more characters will be mined from both major comic book houses in the near future.  It's hard to say of course, because success is never guaranteed, but with this film the quality movie is what really delivered success.

The film could have been a hastily put together piece of trash that disregarded years of character development in the comics (I'm looking at you "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"), but instead the folks behind the scenes decided to make a quality film that delivered what made the comic a success.  Sure there was some creative give and take, but that's pretty much expected.  Instead delivering Avengers in space, the team delivered a solid story, great performances, and a whole lot of fun.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" did what many movies fail to do--be fun and entertaining.  With sequels in the pipeline there is little doubt that the this team will rewarded for all of the work and love that went into the original.  There really is only one thing to say, "I am Groot."

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