Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 LEGO Advent Calendars Great Gifts for Boys & Girls

There are few things as cool to be as LEGO brand bricks and sets.  The possibilities of building things are really only stuck in the imagination of the builder.  Every year the company puts out a dazzling array of products.  Any of which are sure to strike the creativity and imagination chord in kids and adults, but the LEGO Advent Calendars are some of my favorites.

Available in three varieties, LEGO City Advent Calendar #60063, LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41040, and LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056, there is one available for that special person on your gift list.  Either as a holiday present or a birthday type of gift, these sets offer up the special open something new for nearly a month idea.

If you're new to the whole calendar thing, basically the sets come in a large box with a flap that doubles as a play/building area, and the box has twenty four little doors that get opened once per day (starting on December 1) and produce a new Minifigure or other item.  These are great ways to add to a collection.

The other aspect of these sets is scarcity, because once they are sold out they are gone forever.  That element puts in a nice element of value, because unopened or even opened LEGO sets can return a nice little chunk of change--eventually.  Remember, the collectibles market is a long-term type of thing.

In short, these are some of my favorite gifts, with the Star Wars one being my favorite, but in the end all three are really cool and the anticipation of what's in the next tiny bin is usually pretty interesting to experience.  Or you could open them all on one day and build a pretty cool holiday themed area, that's always cool too.

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