Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Comic Book Men Puts the Foolkiller Back in the Spotlight

If you don't know who the Foolkiller is, then you're probably not alone.  I was obsessed (in a good way) with the character when the 10-issue limited series was released back in 1990.  It was to me a great story with an interesting character.  That being said the character never really caught on, and faded in the world of obscurity and the dollar bins at comic shops across the United States.

Imagine my surprise when the Season 4 premier of AMC's "Comic Book Men" featured a guy with original artwork from that 1990s series for sale.  That wasn't the end because Walt even talked of the character the same way as I remembered it.  I was shocked, and I thought the price was pretty reasonable as well.

The thing is, the show has a way of putting the spotlight on characters.  Yes, it loses a good bit of the lead-in show (just a little series called "The Walking Dead"), but once it airs people are wondering who Foolkiller was and what he did, and with Walt backing it, anyone that didn't know about the character is researching and maybe even buying.

The thing for me, was a nice break from the famous characters and legendary comic books and really get a look at some of the less than minor issues that shaped the habits of readers and fans across the country.

BTW, I still think the limited series is pretty good, and I go back to it every so often.

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