Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lego Building Plates Help Bring the Action to Life

Lego toys are one of the most popular Christmas and holiday gifts around.  There is something about those color bricks that keep kids and parents dialed in.  These are some great toys because there is thinking and learning going on the whole time that play is occurring.  Still, all that fun and learning needs a sound start.

Lego building plates are some of the most necessary starting points of the entire series.  The LEGO Green Building Plate (10" x 10") features a nice grassy appeal, and the LEGO Blue Building Plate (10" x 10") serves up a serious amount of water based fun.

Of course, there is also a four pack of the colorful foundations available in the LEGO Education Large Building Plates 4570274 (4 Pieces) for around $35, but just the bigger LEGO® Base Extra Large Building Plate 15" x 15" Platform - Gray | 628 offers up enough room for larger kits and play sets available.  Still, everybody has fun using these tools to create customized structures, vehicles, and even animals.

There's just something infinitely simple and friendly about Lego brand building sets.  Anyone can dive right in and put a few bricks together, but it takes a little bit of practice to produce something truly amazing and inspiring.  And many times it starts with those great foundations for fun.

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