Thursday, October 23, 2014

So That's What Happened to Billy Joel?

Every now and then I think about the music listened to growing up, and Billy Joel does creep into my thoughts.  While the 80s tunes are what primarily gets into my head, I'm no stranger to the music he recorded and released prior to that most treasured of decades.

A recent interview that appeared in Yahoo Music gave some insight into why the Piano Man vanished from the landscape of Ghost Tunes, iTunes, and more.  Basically, it seems like he was done.  Done with heading into a recording studio everyday writing his heart out for something that ended up mediocre, and done with having his personal life torn apart on the Internet by fans and critics.

I got the impression that Billy Joel is completely content to play one a month at Madison Square Garden as long as folks buy tickets.  He seems happy with how things are going, and that's enough for me as a fan.  Yes, I'd enjoy some new music from the guy, but the songs he gave me are plenty.  I don't want to be greedy.

In the end, this is a talented musician that doesn't need his own hashtag to feel successful.  He seems proud of what he's done and does not mind performing to celebrate that massive catalog of hits.  Why subject himself to the great Internet opinions if he doesn't have to.  Ah, sing me a song...

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