Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios Goes FastPass+ Only--For Now

Normally, I don’t get too excited by changes at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, because change is pretty much the only real constant at the sprawling theme park system of entertainment.  However, one thing that raised my eyebrows this week is the lack of a stand-by line at Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios.  Note, it’s not a short wait, it’s no line at all.  Guests must have a FastPass+ to ride for this week only.

According to, the option of waiting for the extremely popular attraction, that probably averages waits in the 90 to 120 minute range, was removed as a test.  Is the test to see if a third track would need to be added or to see if reservation only attractions would really be something Disney could move to?

It’s a little interesting that Disney took what is probably one of the busiest attractions in all of its theme parks to test anything, but hey, they must know what they are doing.  Right?

According to WDW News Today, this is the first time a test like this is being performed that allows no stand-by access, no disability access, and no guest services access.  That means no matter how loud or upset guests get, they are still not getting on the ride without a FastPass+.

In true Disney fashion to make sure that nobody gets stuck off the ride, additional Fastpasses have been made available.  I’m trying to contact connections in the park to see if that worked or if there have been any angry folks walking around.  I’ll update when I find out.

Getting people out of line is a must for Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and pretty much every other theme park in the world.  People standing in line are not in gift shops, nor are they in restaurants.  They are NOT spending money, they are waiting.  That’s a problem if you’re a business.

The win can be two fold though if waits can be kept to a minimum and the park can make some money.  The whole you have to reserve your entire vacation in advance thing, well that’s another story.

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