Friday, December 5, 2014

Amazon is One of the Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts & Wedding Registry

If you are planning a wedding or getting married, then you probably plan to have a wedding registry or at least be prepared to answer the question "Where are they registered?"  Without a doubt, one of the best places to sign up for gifts of all sorts of varieties is the biggest electronic retailer of the all--Amazon.

Why?  Well, first of all you can add items from any website, which is a major win for anyone looking for a special one of a kind item, but the power of Amazon and the simple vastness of the products means that just about everything the bride and groom could want is available.

Plus, folks that are members of Amazon Prime get free two day shipping on the gift items, that's like a double win should the lucky couple have some of the members on the invite list.  Of course, the simple task of forwarding the link around also helps and reduces the chances of getting two of something.

There's also bonus gifts that are given free for any certain qualifications that get met.  How many stores offer something for just registering for a wedding gift?  Yeah, I though so.

The point is, it's easy and what's the hurt in signing up in a few different places.  Fact of life is that shopping online is pretty much the way a lot of people head these days, and an online wedding registry is just a natural extension of the whole thing.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and taking at least one worry out of the equation is something that everyone in the bridal party can get on with.  Hey, filling out a gift list or wish list from the comfort your couch on your tablet or laptop is the ultimate in relaxation.

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