Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baby Jesus Being Kidnapped from Mangers

Forget the Grinch, because there are more heinous crimes against Christmas that are being committed all over the place.  Apparently, some folks are stealing Baby Jesus from mangers.  Seriously, baby Jesus.  Everyone celebrates the holiday season in their own way, and America being America there are a bunch of different religions and lack of religions that get swept under the carpet.

In Olympia, Washington baby Jesus has been stolen three times most recently being replaced with a doll purchased at a thrift shop (cue Macklemore).  However, that simple act pales in comparison to what transpired at Sacred Hearts church in Haverhill, Massachusetts, because the centerpiece of the manger display was stolen and replaced with the severed head of a pig. 

While the thefts are being investigated as crimes in their own respective manners, the new way to attack Christmas is something that big corporate sponsors have avoided.  Nothing says “Christmas” like a prolonged Black Friday sale.  Still, sarcasm aside, it’s a pretty brazen thing to kidnap baby Jesus regardless of individual beliefs or maybe it’s just the lack of respect for the property of others.

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