Friday, December 26, 2014

Get Ready to 'Like' the NFL on Facebook

Like it or not, the National Football League is heading to Facebook.  In the latest move to dominate the internet, the social network has struck a deal with the NFL that will allow it show clips and highlights from NFL games and reap the advertising dollars that come along with it.

The NFL will start posting fantasy football information and highlights shortly.  It’s too early to know if what is most popular sport in America, and of the most popular leagues in the world, is moving away from its own app in order to get more exposure in social media.  The NFL does not have an official YouTube channel, which means official things will go through Facebook.  That’s pretty interesting.

According to The Verge, every NFL clip will have an ad at the end and the money will be split between Facebook and the NFL.  The rich get richer I suppose.  Whether or not users will appreciate more things popping up in their news feeds remains to be seen, but since the NFL features a pretty popular following I’m going out on a limb here (not really) and saying great plays from favorite teams are going to get a nice amount of likes and shares.

You have to wonder what took so long to get this done, as it seems a pretty good way to get a lot of eyeballs in front of NFL action and it’s going to make money.

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