Sunday, December 14, 2014

New App of the Week: Trivia Crack Taking the World by Storm

Of all the apps that cross the devices of the world on a given week, few have the ability to provide some interesting educational qualities.  Trivia Crack is just such a program.  The game provides exactly what you think it might from the name, as a number of questions in different categories are asked of the user.  Get any three questions right, and earn yourself a shot at an icon.  Get all six category icons and you win.

Of course, it's much more difficult than that.  Games basically consist of a one on one challenge with another user, it can be a friend or a random opponent.  Those opponents, depending on their virtual spin, could have a chance to steal one of your icons.  With 25 rounds to win or lose, the game sets up at an interesting pace an could have you hooked in no time.  I mean everyone wants to win, right?

It's an interesting game and cleverly programmed.  I had a few bugs when I first installed it, but they seem to have ironed themselves out over the last few days.  It's hard not to play a few games at once, because the pace of a general trivia contest needs to be picked up.

Game play is pretty simple, and with questions that range from the obvious to the impossible, Trivia Crack makes all the right moves.  This is definitely one that will get you through a slow holiday party or New Year's with the relatives.  Hey it beats another year of charades.

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