Monday, December 15, 2014

Turning Plastic Into Food, No Really

One of the biggest problems with trash is that some of it takes a long time to degrade, and plastic is among the longest life products out there and unfortunately it is one of the more popular packaging choices.  However, over in Austria one company has designed a mushroom that will digest little bits of plastic while it grows.  Apparently, there is a use for all those water bottles after all.

Don't worry, apparently the people doing the growing have a bit of control over taste and texture depending on what type of fungi are used in the process.  This way your pizza won't taste like old soda bottle or something.

Of course, the process still needs to be improved and probably scaled a bit better than the current several month time line, but it's an amazing breakthrough in trash technology.  The thought that cutting down the 450 year mark of decomposition to a few months is something of a miracle in the world of technology.

The world needs people doing projects like this, probably more people.  Enough people are dialed in trying to create the next big electronic gadget, which is okay, but somebody should be paying attention on what to do with the millions of electronic gadgets around the world that it will be replacing as well.  It's one of those double edge sword type of things.

Still, you have to wonder if one day it will be all the rage for restaurants to serve up the special mushroom that was raised from plastic as some sort of designer appetizer or something, because that would be pretty interesting.

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