Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller? Great Idea

If you are not familiar with "Suicide Squad" from DC Comics, then the next couple of paragraphs are not really going to mean a whole lot to you.  Amanda Waller is a strong tough as nails type of woman.  She's manipulative, entertaining, and generally power hungry.  I can totally get behind Viola Davis bringing the role to life on the big screen in the movie version of "Suicide Squad."

That being said, I the most pressure for any role in the film has landed in the lab of the great Margot Robbie (please note that "great" has a lot of different meanings in this context).  This woman has the task of bringing Harley Quinn to life.  As one of the more exposed characters of the team, Harley has managed to be the subject of many cosplayers that have brought her to life visually in a very terrific way.  Of course, none of the cosplayers, even the great ones, have had to act.  However, Robbie will have the luxury of leaning on Davis as Waller, Will Smith as Deadshot, and some guy named Jared Leto as the Joker.  She will probably be okay.

"Suicide Squad" is shaping up nicely, and it's hard to not be at least intrigued by the cast.  With any luck the writers and director will manage to put all of these tools to a good and proper use, just like Amanda Waller would if she was pulling the strings.

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