Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cityville Monopoly Reviews as Nice Addition to Family Night Games

Everyone probably remembers the old Monopoly board game.  Perhaps fresh in the minds of players is the marathon sessions that often required hours upon hours of play until a winner was crowned, if it happened at all.  However, a remake and re engineered version of the game called Cityville Monopoly.

Cityville tasks players with familiar looking board with Jail, Free Parking, Go, and Go to Jail in the corners, but changes the names of the famous properties.  Things like Video Game Store, Coffee Shop, and more are included in the board instead of the familiar Atlantic City locations.  Like normal players roll the dice and move spaces to buy properties of a set matching color.  Once all three are owned the properties can be developed by adding buildings.

However, instead of the normal houses and hotels, players add different colors of plastic icons that mean different things (the cost is the same and the rent for players landing on the space increases with every new addition).  The property is maxed out when the fourth icon, the Skyscraper is added.  A player that builds four skyscrapers wins the game.

Of course, a certain amount of wheeling and dealing is generally required to get two or three matches.  But those communication and deal making skills are accompanied by a some great lessons in math and few in financial planning.  In the end though, Cityville provides a nice alternative to traditional Monopoly.

Like the board game of old, the rules can be modified on the fly.  Putting money in free parking, bailing out of jail, or other "House Rules" types of things are still fair play, and the game can actually be a lot of fun because it moves along.  Folks who don't want to wheel and deal are often subject to financial loss and end up bankrupt before one player builds four skyscrapers.

All things considered, this one is a lot of fun and has a high replay value.  The new names are much more relevant, and the new gaming style lends to quick action instead of a wait and see attitude.

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