Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Never Underestimate the Importance of Small Businesses in Your Community

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Chances are you bought something last week.  In fact you might have bought several things.  How many came from a local small business?  Or even a local business?  Odds are you made a purchase or two at a large box store, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, or even a shopping mall.  Online or in person, it doesn’t matter, but try to remember that small businesses make a big difference in your community.

When local sports leagues need donations, who do they turn to for sponsors?  Sure, big companies might pony up for one or two spots, but the others are made up entrepreneurs from the community.  The same goes for school clubs, civic organizations, and more.  Those small businesses are only small in name.

The owners of these establishments realize they are in a unique situation.  They ask the community to spend money in their stores or on their services, but they generally respond favorable when approach for support or a donation. You see, it is a one way street, but when locals spend money at a local company and some of that funding gets passed back to the community in the way of support it’s a really great thing.

Small business owners might not make the front page of CNN, but they should make the front page of your local paper.  These people toil day and night focusing on their passion.  Some make a great deal of money, others not so much, but they know their place in the community. 

In the end, everyone should take a minute or two to remember and recognize a small business in their area.  Try to make one purchase a week at a local small retailer, restaurant, or shop.  You might not only win a friend, but you might also find a place you did not even know was there.  Take a minute and help someone make a difference.

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