Monday, March 16, 2015

The Small Business Selfie Station is an Interesting Social Media Tool

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If you are reading this, then you already know that social media and social marketing can help your small business.  Chances are you are already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or more, and you are using the power of social networks to drive people to your web page or through your doors.

The world of social media is vast.  There are 300 million Twitter users, another 300 million Instagram users, and over a billion Facebook users.  Those are all people looking to interact, to monitor, or be informed.  All for the small business marketing effort, and all for free (at least most of the time).

Making an impact through social media is difficult, thanks to the slew of other pages and posts competing for eyeballs.  Chances are any small business, internet page, or blog has encountered the problem of standing out in an increasingly crowded field.  Getting to the front of news feeds is tough, but one technique that I share with potential clients regularly is the selfie station.

The selfie station picks up on two popular elements prevalent in social media.  First is the visual part that gets people to check out the post, and second is the selfie element, which people just love to do.  For the promotion, business set up a designated area adorned with a given theme.  The theme is what makes the campaign.  Obviously, holiday type things are great, but tying in with a business type of idea is even better.

The goal is to get a few people to share their selfies, which might inspire more people to take them and share them, which gives the business a little more expose and the brand gets some marketing—all for the low price of free.

It’s basically that simple, and at the same time that hard.  Sure you can offer a percentage off a purchase with a selfie with a certain employee that doesn’t mind strangers putting their hands around them at any given moment.  Lucrative? Yes.  But it takes away from the mystery of the idea. 

With social media any type of coverage can turn absolutely viral at any moment, and that is a very good time to be in business.

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