Sunday, May 10, 2015

Disney Gets in on the Box Mania With Park Pack Pins

In case you haven't noticed, boxes and mystery gifts have been pretty hot across several industries over the past few months.  Disney is not letting the craze slip by them.

According to the Official Disney Blog, the Disney Park Pack will contain an assortment of Disney Pins.  At least one will be a 500 limited edition and a few will be early releases for open edition pins. If you or anyone you know is into the pin trading hoopla, this is probably not a bad deal at all.

The packs will be available only via the Disney Online Park Merchandise store at will retail $39.95 and a new version will be available every month.  The mania starts this Thursday May 14, and it should draw one or two interested buyers.

Hard to say if the Disney Park Pack will catch on with pin enthusiasts, but pretty much anything Disney tends to catch fire.  Plus, the online exclusive nature could bump up the collectibility of the limited edition pins.

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