Thursday, June 4, 2015

Amazon Prime Free for One Month a Great Way to Evaluate Options

Cord cutting can be an intimidating experience, and it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of video streaming options that easily help replace the shows that you watch on cable. The trick is taking a hard look at your viewing and making sure that you are going to be covered.

Cord cutting, for me anyway, is all about options. My cable provider offered about a hundred and fifty channels for programs. Of that it turns out I watched less than six on a regular basis, and the kids watched an additional two. The content we needed was available online for free or with an antenna.

Like many, the problem with an antenna is that live television, or appointment television, requires you to be in a specific place and a specific time. The problem is that work, family, and other commitments can play havoc with being in front of the television at eight on a Tuesday night. That’s where streaming video options come into play.

One valuable streaming option that does not get enough love is Amazon Prime Instant Video. Better yet, the service offers a one-month free trial to explore the offerings of the service. Pretty awesome. Plus, members get to test spin such great features like: Free Two Day Shipping, book lending from the Kindle library, ad-free streams (I’m looking at you Hulu Plus), and access to thousands of movies and television shows at the touch of a button.

In short, Amazon Prime is a great way to boost up the options to enhance any cord cutting mission. The fact that it also offers the free shipping option helps offset the $99-per year charge. By the way that breaks down pretty well when balanced against Netflix or Hulu Plus and puts SlingTV to shame based on price. The one-time annual fee is what gets the attention of a lot of people.

Still, using Bing Rewards to get free Amazon gift codes can offset the price even further or even get the service for free if you play it right. Since saving money is the essence of cord cutting, everyone needs to know about every money saving option available.

In the end, the free trial of Amazon Prime for Instant Video purposes puts the power of evaluation into the hands of anyone looking to break out of the cable television model. It’s all about getting the most options for your dollar, and cable just might not be the best option anymore. Give Amazon Prime a spin, you might be surprised at your video options.

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